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The Ellis Collective does Dry July »

July 24
If you’ve been keeping tabs on Facebook – you will know that our brave Collective of troubadours is doing Dry July to raise funds for the Canberra Hospital Oncology Unit. We are aiming to raise $1000 and are getting close!…

New Album, Many Gigs »

March 5
So. Here’s a story for you. We recorded a kick arse album up at 301 in Sydney. And then left it collecting dust on a hard drive somewhere. Until the band got restless and decided to release it. But not…

National Folk Festival, Tattoos and Hotels »

March 25
For the uninitiated, the National Folk Festival is a staple for The Ellis Collective. ┬áThis was actually the birthplace of the band (although no one actually gave birth)(although some did subsequently) so its a pretty special weekend for us. We…

You Are Here Festival – Pt 2 »

March 21
And this Video posted by the festival themself…. enjoy  
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